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Across The Lines

These clips were taken from social media. This site and its owner have compiled this video for personal use in remembering the summer of protests in the US 2020 and police brutality in the United States. If anyone would like their clip removed, please contact the site owner who is happy to do so. ToContinue reading “Across The Lines”

Life on the Curb

If you’ve never lived somewhere you see many evictions, I think it’s important people see for themselves what it looks like when a family has no place to go and is forced to leave their entire collective home and life on the curb. During the 2020 pandemic, the US Congress passed a moratorium on evictionsContinue reading “Life on the Curb”

2020 Election InSecurity

What is a Zero Day? How have they been used before? How could they be used to alter the results of the 2020 US Elections? Why we need to be exceedingly concerned right now about election security given DHS’s blatant disregard for the US Constitution and laws and their ability to hack the results. TheContinue reading “2020 Election InSecurity”

Military Twitter

List of military commanders and groups on Twitter for anyone like me who wants to lobby them to save our asses right now from the DHS Terrorists on our streets. @mil_LEADER, @thearmyleader, @Southcom, @USNATO, @USNorthernCmd, @USNavyEurope, @us_navyseals, @NASA_Astronauts, @NASA_Johnson, @NASAKennedy, @NASA_Technology, @NASAaero, @AirForceAssoc, @AirForceGrads, @AirForceRSO, @RobinsAFB_GA, @DOD_Outreach, @AFResearchLab, @US_TRANSCOM, @USAFCENT, @MilitaryHealth, @GenDaveGoldfein, @HQ_AFMC, @DLAMIL, @AirMobilityCmd,Continue reading “Military Twitter”

Virus: Made in USA?

Why the World Needs Answers about DARPA before Continuing China Accusation: Cited Investigation into the Origin of the 2019 Virus Ravaging the World by Captain K of Anonymous, Concerned US Citizen. As of the publishing of this piece, the United States government officially maintains that the 2019 novel virus and subsequent pandemic are the faultContinue reading “Virus: Made in USA?”

US Failed State: A Desperate Call for Immediate Action

Facing Reality: We are Running out of Time to Save our Republic This past week we heard multiple US Admirals, Generals, and former Military commanders speak out in the wake of the disgusting behavior of “President” Trump in his response to the Black Lives Matter protests across the Nation. These military leaders, in addition toContinue reading “US Failed State: A Desperate Call for Immediate Action”

US Senate 2020 Twitter List to Copy and Paste

Wondering why no one is doing their damned job and need to yell at these assholes? Feel like dropping them your newest LP? Go for it. Yes…I know…you love me. @SenKamalaHarris @SenatorIsakson @sendavidperdue @maziehirono @SenBrianSchatz @SenJoniErnst @ChuckGrassley @MikeCrapo @SenatorRisch @SenDuckworth @SenatorDurbin @SenatorBraun @SenToddYoung @JerryMoran @SenPatRoberts @SenateMajLdr @RandPaul @SenAlexander @MarshaBlackburn @JohnCornyn @SenTedCruz @SenMikeLee @SenatorRomney @MarkWarner @SenatorLeahy @SenSandersContinue reading “US Senate 2020 Twitter List to Copy and Paste”

Report on Train Movements of US Military Equipment

It became apparent to me upon completion and posting of my Report on Kansas City, MO Railyards  that we do not have one location on the internet that I’ve found for the posting of all of the videos of trains we’ve seen moving what appears to be the entire US military installation across country. I’mContinue reading “Report on Train Movements of US Military Equipment”

Report On Investigation of Kansas City, MO Rail Yards

It Is Important to Note that This Investigation Summation is Inaccurate as far as the Guess of What was Indicated. This is still important to post, however, as the rail yards have continued to be incredibly busy, and we still do not have answers. After the first week of June of this year, we furthermoreContinue reading “Report On Investigation of Kansas City, MO Rail Yards”

Opinion: Our Biases and Arrogance May Get us Killed

I left social media in 2003, seeing where it was headed with regard to privacy. Seeing the concerning lack of information given to the public regarding the pandemic, I broke my rules and joined Twitter in early February, 2020. I immediately sought out information sources globally, so that I could see for myself what wasContinue reading “Opinion: Our Biases and Arrogance May Get us Killed”