Jennifer: “I’ve had enough”

EXCLUSIVE Fake News Letter From the Jennifer and Introduction by capK Who is Jennifer and Why Does She Deserve to Be Heard? Jennifer, a 143 year old disabled woman and Christian was savagely beaten by a crowd of rioters in the Minneapolis ANTIFA race riots nearly two weeks ago. Her attackers? A group of unreasonableContinue reading “Jennifer: “I’ve had enough””

An Exclusive Editorial Letter from Karen

Democrats Totally Get the Blacks: An Exclusive Editorial Letter from the Karen To show just how in touch with their black constituents they are, a group of leadership representing the Democratic party paid homage to George Floyd in a display so perfectly executed and well thought out, this writer struggles in describing it accurately. SureContinue reading “An Exclusive Editorial Letter from Karen”

Is Tony Hawk the REAL Deep State Kingpin?

A satirical and complete nonsense piece about the US Black Lives Matter protests. Absolutely nothing in the below text is true. Or is it? Over the past several days we’ve seen just how far the Soros/Jack/NYTimes Deep State has been willing to go to sacrifice the innocent and gentle police of our great, now greatestContinue reading “Is Tony Hawk the REAL Deep State Kingpin?”