Ringing the Bell on DHS

I am a “bell ringer.” I am not apologetic about it, nor am I embarrassed about it, even though the far-right buffoons may call me names like “harbinger-of-doom-and-gloom”, or a “paranoid leftie”, I won’t stop ringing that bell.

By shiftypC @shiftypC

I recently had a short chat with another alarmed Resistor who asked me to write something about a topic we were both starting to worry about. The topic was about all of that information that the trump administration has amassed on Americans over the course of the last almost four years. With control of the information machines in their hands, they could do anything they wanted with it. They could hide it, manipulate it, move it. They could even destroy it at will. They already have with the COVID-19 virus numbers, with the CDC Guidance reports, with the infections numbers from hospitals.

So, what is to stop the DHS from going even further, and making it really personal? For instance, departments like the Social Security Administration could be weaponized against the very people it was supposed to minister to. Losing your entire Master Copy stored in the memory vaults of that agency is devastating. I know. It happened to me. A year ago the SSA killed me off. I am still recovering from it. My bank accounts were closed. My health insurance was cancelled. My car insurance was cancelled. My entire computerized life was cancelled!

So what do you think the Department of Homeland Security could do to you if they decided to start shadowing your life? If some peon in that agency was given orders to start doxxing you, to start messing with details in your life. To even, say, kill you off (figuratively, of course) in the election rolls. Worst case scenario is that we could have a Blue Tsunami in November, 2020, and it would not even matter, because DHS could waltz into the election rolls and disappear our votes. Their little pudgy man-fingers could dance over the keyboard, connect to the internet enabled voting tabulation machine and make our votes go “poof!” Then he (because the GOP is almost exclusively “he’s,”), would back out and ghost on over to another states’ voting machine and voila’! trump wins re-election.

If you think I worry for nothing, if you believe that I am simply scaring myself with an over-active imagination, you should take a look at how Bush won his election over John Kerry, or how those machines in Illinois and Florida and Georgia were messed with in the 2016 election. Then you tell me how I am imagining the worst case scenario. And in 2016 Trump was not even in office yet, and they have had 4 years to figure this stuff out with Putin’s help. With Erdogan’s help. With Xi’s help.

Now you tell me how I worry about the DHS over nothing.

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Captain, EGOT, Astrophysicist, Speller of Astrophysicist Without Spellcheck, Cartographer, Breaker of Elbows While Rollerblading in my House.

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