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Anonymous Vs QAnon

From altering internet culture to covering for world leaders, QAnon has proven itself an anti-h4x0r enemy rather than an ally. What’s more, the misconception that QAnon is associated with Anonymous has damaged the reputation of hacktivists the world over.

Now that the world knows that Ratcliffe, the new Trump appointed Director of National Intelligence, has been outed himself as a QAnon, many former believers have seen the light and moved away from the movement. But it’s important to examine the way these powerful US Government members have manipulated Q and followers to their advantage over the past few years.

It is my personal opinion that one of the many effects of Q has been an effort to take away power from independent hackers and hacktivists. To begin, have you found yourself responding to a tweet only to have one of the MAGA rEpLy tO yOu LiKe ThIs? Yeah. They’re cute like that. But this is more than a mere trend on the internet as a way of mocking. Its origin goes deeper. 

We all know that once upon a time on the AOLs we used l33t speak to communicate as a way of signaling to others who we were. Personally, I reject the mocking on this one which has been amplified by the Q’s. While I know for a while many Anons took part in the Qery as a joke, encouragement of this mocking has had negative results when it comes to a reputation standpoint in public image. 

It’s served as a part of making a bunch of toothless American racists unafraid when it comes to their behavior on the internet. It has done this with some severe results, as we’re seeing more and more each day. To begin, it’s mainstreamed hate speech and threatening behavior and activities like gang stalking, a favorite of Trump’s supporters. What’s more, it’s made them believe they are a part of online hacking collectives and this again further damages reputation. 

If you believe that hacktivism matters, then you must also agree that the reputation of online collectives matters. The rise of QAnon and the public’s misconception that it is Anonymous will not help Julian Assange when it comes to preventing extradition to a Nation with an insane dictator who is out for vengeance against him and who uses the Department of Justice like his personal legal SS squad. Now more than ever we see in the world the need for hacktivism. Now more than ever the voiceless are in need. Now more than ever the scales have been tilted. The thumb of the wicked has tipped it.

We are the watchers on the wall. We are the voice for the voiceless. Our reputation matters. People don’t turn to those they perceive as crazy for help. Hell, they even discount hard evidence now. So it matters who delivers that evidence, and the reputation of that delivery system is paramount. If you are one of the few straggler real Anons still Qing for lulz, I urge you to cease. You are helping the NWO at this point. If you are a foreign Q who wasn’t aware, again I urge you to cease. To form a new group. I don’t have a problem with conservatism, and I’ll fight to the end to defend your freedoms. But Q has become a danger to the world, influenced now by senior members of the US intelligence wing. Trusting them, supporting them, helping them needs to end. 

Published by Anonymous Captain K

Captain, EGOT, Astrophysicist, Speller of Astrophysicist Without Spellcheck, Cartographer, Breaker of Elbows While Rollerblading in my House.

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