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Virus: Made in USA?

Why the World Needs Answers about DARPA before Continuing China Accusation: Cited Investigation into the Origin of the 2019 Virus Ravaging the World by Captain K of Anonymous, Concerned US Citizen.

As of the publishing of this piece, the United States government officially maintains that the 2019 novel virus and subsequent pandemic are the fault of a laboratory in China, and originated in November of 2019. After extensive investigation, it is my opinion that this virus originated in the United States in or around June of 2019; and that it escaped accidentally from a lab in Fort Detrick, Maryland. The following is an overview of the key evidence which informs this opinion.

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Scientists, journalists, and general fans of ethics have been warning about certain US DARPA programs for years. In this story from “Wired” in 2017, a journalist examines the dangers of the DARPA program’s attempt to use gene editing to eradicate Malaria. The author notes how Harvard biologist Kevin Esvelt, originally a proponent of using CRISPR to create gene drives, was by 2017 warning about the need to slow down in the research due to safety concerns. What were the main concerns? Specifically, Esvelt and his team were concerned that their new mathematical model showed that “a few engineered organisms could irrevocably alter an ecosystem.” The US DARPA program continued with their fast paced research after 2017, despite growing concerns from the scientific community.

This Gene-Editing Tech Might Be Too Dangerous To Unleash

In an article in the “Washington Examiner” from September, 2019 journalist Russ Read interviewed DARPA director Dr Steven Walker on why the Pentagon had announced they were looking to gene editing to protect troops from bio-weapons. “Historically, the military has sought to protect troops from chemical and biological weapons through protective gear and vaccines, but advances in gene therapy — which allows scientists to manipulate DNA — creates an opportunity to start with the human body itself. Gene manipulation could be a better solution to the threat posed by chemical and biological weapons when vaccines are hard to come by, Walker explained.”

DARPA’s Justin Sanchez works to stay a step ahead of technological surprises

Military wants to use gene editing to protect troops against chemical and biological weapons

The US Military has shown an increased interest in genetics and bio-defense in the past several years, but the timetable seemed to accelerate in 2019. In looking at the larger scope of what’s occurred with this program, it’s interesting to note that this same Dr. Walker resigned from his post at DARPA in December, 2019.

There has been significant news that has gone largely unnoticed arising from Fort Detrick, Maryland since July of 2019 that points towards the distinct possibility that the virus may have been accidentally leaked from the US. The Army base Fort Detrick, has been the hub of research for the DARPA program under the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases (USAMRIID). In discussing a changing of the guard that points towards a significant event, it’s worth noting that the Base Commander, Major General Barbara Holcolmb retired at the end of July, 2019.

DARPA head resigns, moving on to industry

Brigadier general replaces retiring Fort Detrick commander | Military

Given Holcolmb’s retirement after only three years as Base Commander, I decided to take a look at the local press to see what was happening in July of 2019 in Maryland. What I found, I believe, is of major significance and requires explanation. To begin, the “New York Times” published an article in August of 2019 detailing how the research labs at Fort Detrick were shut down after the CDC filed a July “cease and desist” against the lab, citing noncompliance with safety protocols from their most dangerous research labs in the facility. The article notes that the CDC issued a statement denying that there was any danger to public health related to this shutdown, but cited national security concerns as the reason they could not give more detail.

Deadly Germ Research Is Shut Down at Army Lab Over Safety Concerns

Upon further investigation, it appears the inspection of the Fort Detrick labs was not the only reason for the CDC’s activity in Maryland in July, ‘19. According to local news source “WTOP” posted July 17, 2019, there was a significant outbreak of a mystery pneumonia-like illness at an assisted care facility in Springfield, Virginia. To get a sense of the geography, it is important to note that Springfield is located approximately 56 miles away from Fort Detrick, Maryland. “WTOP” described how three people had passed, dozens were infected, and no illness was identified. They also noted “another outbreak of respiratory illnesses at Heatherwood, an assisted-living facility in Burke, is also under investigation by the health department, but officials said Wednesday there is no evidence linking the two outbreaks.”

3 dead, dozens — including employees — sick as respiratory illness spreads through Springfield assisted living facility

Another Respiratory Outbreak Found At Burke Retirement Community

In their article about the outbreak of an illness with identical symptoms and presenting the same contagion characteristics in Virginia, “” mentions that the CDC took samples from both assisted living communities in Fairfax County, VA in July. The local Virginia CBS affiliate subsequently published a warning about an increase in respiratory illnesses on July 19th, ‘19. Similar to the virus associated with the Pandemic, the Virginia health department noted that “the majority of the reports have occurred among older adults and those with chronic medical conditions in assisted living and long-term care facilities.” Both outbreaks were unusual enough in conjunction with the news of the Fort Detrick shutdown to be noted by the Washington Post in a July 12th article.

Health department warns Virginians of increase in respiratory illnesses this summer

Springfield assisted-living unit closes to new admissions amid illness outbreak

By September 2019, news of mysterious lung illness with acute symptoms was being reported broadly in the United States. In a September ‘19 article for “STAT” an online news organization, they note that “the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported a rising number of cases of mysterious pneumonias…the agency reports 450 people from 33 states and one U.S. jurisdiction have been affected.” The article is one of hundreds which emerged in August and September of 2019 in the United States which link these mysterious illnesses with vaping. This campaign has been heavily criticized abroad, with campaigns on social media particularly in the UK blaming the US Tobacco industry for scare tactic elimination of competition. It is my suggestion, therefore, that the cover up of the outbreak of Covid-19 serves as a serious alternative explanation given the timing. More research into this line of questioning is needed, though CT scans comparing the lungs of patients are certainly compelling.

Pneumonia cases linked to vaping are rising, and officials don’t know why

Timing is key to any investigation, and should be examined closely with regard to the 2019 pandemic and the United States government response to the outbreak. The US public has been told that the US Senate and the President was briefed on covid-19 on January 23rd and January 28th. The confidential nature of these briefings have reportedly even led to investigations of misconduct by the FBI into US Senators who sold stock in late January before the virus was “made public knowledge”. The problem with this whole narrative, is that the virus was already public knowledge. Below is a picture of a tweet from a blue checked doctor on Twitter openly discussing the makeup of the virus on January 22nd. Are we to believe this doctor had knowledge they were sharing on social media that was not yet in the hands of our intelligence committee? If so, there is something exceedingly wrong with how our intelligence arm does its briefings to Congress. If one went by this method of operation, it would mean that the US government intelligence oversight in Congress is less informed than the average journalist. I call bullshit.

Trump Received Intelligence Briefings on Coronavirus Twice in January

In concluding my investigation I looked to anecdotal and circumstantial evidence. Research shows discussion of the Virginia outbreak as the possible origin of the virus internationally on a thread created on “Defence.PK” which bills themselves as a resource for all things defense and foreign relations news for Pakistan. One should note that this forum and subsequent discussions are pretty dark web sketchy and I do not cite this as a reputable source of information. From what I can tell, it is a website used by pro-CCP posters. I do know that the CCP also issued a petition to the US government for information about the Ft. Detrick closure. To those who want to explore further, you’ll find the mere Google search for this petition an interesting challenge.

Origin of Covid-19? ‘Respiratory outbreak’ investigated at retirement community in Virginia

I began posting links to these sources and this discussion and using the #TruthTime on Twitter. Within days, this hashtag was absolutely drowned by a QAnon account which posted the hashtag dozens of times over the course of June 17th and 18th ‘20 alone.

Blatant ignoring of information is still occurring, such as the dismissal of articles published by sources like “The Hill”, “CNN”, and “Times of Israel” which noted that according to US Intelligence, the United States informed NATO and Israel in November, 2019.

US alerted Israel, NATO to disease outbreak in China in November — TV report

Until we stop blaming China, and start discussing what has happened in the United States, I believe that the origin of the 2019 novel coronavirus will remain a mystery. One of the reasons this point is one of such frustration, is that it means we may have a significant amount of information in hand about the makeup of this virus. If the US is withholding this vital information from the global research community, it needs to tell the world now. At a minimum, the CDC should respond to this information and hypothesis, as it is grounded by a mountain of disturbing evidence. In this author’s opinion, this reeks of a mistake made by the Trump Administration caused by the errant slashing of budgets to pay for the border wall, and a subsequent cover-up the likes of which the world has never seen in attempt to hide the crimes from discovery until after the 2020 Presidential Election. Please discuss. Please share.

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Legal disclaimer: See homepage for my general legal disclaimer. This article and subsequent opinion is based on the reporting of over twenty three different sources, many journalists and publications. I do not post this lightly, there was much ethical consideration and delay. My purpose in writing this is to urge a discussion and clarification and transparency from the US Government and CDC in the interest in saving human lives globally. I am a US Citizen in good standing with the US Government. All information for this story was obtained legally for the purposes of this opinion based research report. No one should make health decisions based on the information contained on this site.

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