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US Failed State: A Desperate Call for Immediate Action

Facing Reality: We are Running out of Time to Save our Republic

This past week we heard multiple US Admirals, Generals, and former Military commanders speak out in the wake of the disgusting behavior of “President” Trump in his response to the Black Lives Matter protests across the Nation. These military leaders, in addition to condemning the idea of deploying US troops on American citizens, turning our streets into a state of civil war, also echoed the growing warnings of our intelligence community: the United States must prepare for the inevitability that Donald Trump will not be willing to give up the oval office should he lose the election in November.

While many in the defense community were worried about General Milley’s promotion to lead the Joint Chief of Staff in 2019, concerned due to his status as part of the same West Point group of friends with Esper and Pompeo, it was apparently General Milley the Nation has to thank for the fact that Trump’s disgusting use of the National Guard against US Citizens was not worse. According to a recent article in the New Yorker, while Milley and Esper may have accompanied Trump on the walk for this vile display of force, they did engage in a many hour screaming match the next day which ultimately prevented the sociopath in chief from deploying the US Military against the citizens of the United States.

We’ve seen the overreach of the Executive branch for decades, and under the leadership of both the Republican and Democratic parties. Under Donald Trump, we’ve now seen just how dangerous this centralization of power can become. In 2017 DHS, under the leadership of Trump appointee Esper, stopped updating pandemic models. Trump has not been reporting US Drone attacks to Congress in 2018. We are at a point in our Nation when we literally do not know the status of our military, or even where we are engaging in armed skirmishes, where we are dropping bombs, and on whose authority and to benefit whom?

It’s understandable that midterm election result discrepancies were swept under the table. It is not ethically understandable, but it is understandable nonetheless. It is easy to see how our media, so tired of being attacked, so tired of being censored, are doing what they can as they see it in helping to ensure the anti-trump constituency in this Nation is united. The problem is that by ignoring what happened during the midterm elections with regard to election security, we’ve made many very bright liberals unwilling now, to take a close look at the very serious discrepancies noted between exit polls and election results.

I again encourage all to go to TDMS Research dot com to view this information for yourselves. We are way past the point at which UN policy dictates intervention. I am not saying this was Joe Biden. I’m saying we MUST take into account the idea that this may have been Donald Trump and his newly consolidated group of politicians now running our entire intelligence arm. Please talk about this with your friends and families. I believe people are now at a better place to understand this without dismissing it as scare tactic nonsense. Once we accept it, we can move towards solutions. We’re running out of time. America needs us ALL. Thank you.

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