Jennifer: “I’ve had enough”

EXCLUSIVE Fake News Letter From the Jennifer and Introduction by capK

Who is Jennifer and Why Does She Deserve to Be Heard?

Jennifer, a 143 year old disabled woman and Christian was savagely beaten by a crowd of rioters in the Minneapolis ANTIFA race riots nearly two weeks ago. Her attackers? A group of unreasonable people who were angry over the nothingburger fake news reason that she had decided to start stabbing them in Target. To onlooker leftist conspiracists whose brains have been stolen by the MSM, Jennifer appears to be involved in some bizarre hillbilly COINTELPRO plot. This satirical version of capK the reporter knows better, and so I’ve decided to create a special space for Jennifer to voice her opinion on things through her REAL letters. Here is her first one:

Hey Ya’ll,

This is to all of you except the gays. Also except you illegals who probably can’t even read this because it’s written in AMERICAN. Also not Bill Gates even though I know he’s already reading it because he implanted the 5g in my left armpit when I fell asleep at the lake last year..

What was I talking about?

Oh! These ANTIFA Cabal race riots sponsored by the Clinton Foundation! I’m tired of them on my TV! Now they say the President can’t even turn the troops on them? He’s the PRESIDENT! That means he is the KING no matter what George Soros says! Save Target!

I’ve had enough!

Thanks! Jennifer #MAGA 🙏👌

***As always, this is bullshit. It’s why it’s under the title fake news. Jennifer can’t write.

Published by Anonymous Captain K

Captain, EGOT, Astrophysicist, Speller of Astrophysicist Without Spellcheck, Cartographer, Breaker of Elbows While Rollerblading in my House.

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