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Is Tony Hawk the REAL Deep State Kingpin?

A satirical and complete nonsense piece about the US Black Lives Matter protests. Absolutely nothing in the below text is true. Or is it?

Over the past several days we’ve seen just how far the Soros/Jack/NYTimes Deep State has been willing to go to sacrifice the innocent and gentle police of our great, now greatest Nation! But the world doesn’t yet know just who sits atop this pyramid of evil? One common thing we’ve seen cannot be denied by even the most liberal of Communists, the Bernie Bros: skateboarders in our nation smashing windows seem to be Al-Qaeda trained. So who paid for this training? Who radicalized these children of our ‘Merca?

It seems entirely too coincidental that the news was announced earlier this year that Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1 and Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2 are being re-released. Just who is the REAL Tony Hawk? This Anon plans to expose just that. Look for my follow-up piece in a week or so, which will be released on a MAGA news site/honeypot near you. Much like that whole dry ice thing. Look out, Tony. You’re on notice. We won’t have you radicalizing our children. J’accuse!

Published by Anonymous Captain K

Captain, EGOT, Astrophysicist, Speller of Astrophysicist Without Spellcheck, Cartographer, Breaker of Elbows While Rollerblading in my House.

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