An Exclusive Editorial Letter from Karen

Democrats Totally Get the Blacks: An Exclusive Editorial Letter from the Karen

To show just how in touch with their black constituents they are, a group of leadership representing the Democratic party paid homage to George Floyd in a display so perfectly executed and well thought out, this writer struggles in describing it accurately. Sure the Democrats have been accused by a huge portion of their voter block of becoming a neoliberal group of sycophants who pretend to stand for the people while siding with their wallets, choosing Joe “You Ain’t Black” Biden as their 2020 representative in a debacle that’s made some question whether they actually want to win, but I’m here to tell you the Democrats have officially put all of this rumor to rest. They are hip, they are with it, and they’re showing how much they care about the people of ethnic differences. This said, I couldn’t describe it alone, so below the video you’ll find a letter from Karen with her take. Cheers all! -satirical capK

Where do I begin? First, I love the scarves and don’t care what anyone has to say! Of course they should be wearing kente cloth! Historically, kente cloth is derived from a King of Ghana and is traditionally worn by royalty. Occasionally it’s worn to graduations and weddings by people celebrating their cultural heritage. George Floyd was American, but he was a BLACK American so we can ASSUME that he was at some point African, right? Don’t they love being called Kings and Queens? That’s what we’re doing. I have not seen any pieces of writing about him having a great affinity for Ghana, but I’m sure he did. All black people in America love African things and see themselves as Africans. Duh!

Second, I LOVE the combination of the taking of the knee and the nine minutes of silence for George! Who cares that taking a knee is something you’re supposed to do during the National Anthem and that doing it for nine minutes is more like a reenactment of a horrific event. I don’t! People need to stop being so PC and so touchy in this country! Vote Blue Blindly!!! All is well!!! OMG I believe a man may be trying to break in to my neighbors mailbox. Must run.



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