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Report On Investigation of Kansas City, MO Rail Yards

It Is Important to Note that This Investigation Summation is Inaccurate as far as the Guess of What was Indicated. This is still important to post, however, as the rail yards have continued to be incredibly busy, and we still do not have answers. After the first week of June of this year, we furthermore now know that the President is, indeed, willing to use the military against US Citizens.

Purpose: I set out to investigate the rail yards, thinking that a military train might be moving through, as we have seen numerous videos of military vehicles on trains moving East over the past two months. There have also been a few videos showing us moving equipment to border areas. What I witnessed was not what was expected.

I believe it was significantly more important with regards to understanding what is about to take place in the United States during the Global Pandemic of 2019-?. I am a graduate degree level analyst who is currently not employed, and I have no ulterior motives in posting this report. My goal is to provide real and honest information for the people of the world who have a right to know what is going on.

  1. Upon arrival at this location, which is a bridge that runs over the railyards with a turnoff, I noticed immediately the amount of spotlights in the area and insane amount of noise, generally as if a huge but people silent city were running. There is an unmanned gas station at this spot that typically is a dead zone. There were instead at least 8 refueling trucks parked in the lot there. On the rail line at the 1st location was a long train of oil headed East that was stopped at the time.
  2. Arriving at stopped tracks, I was able to get out of the car and investigate and take a video which I will include in links here and on Twitter with a post from @capKinSpACe. There was a very similar scene as what I’d seen the day prior, with an unusually heavy train with double and triple stacked containers. I believe this violates safety regulations, but am not in any way even a laywoman with regards to trains. There were multiple strange things about this train. 1. All foreign shipping containers (again, the unusual size of the load). 2.No graffiti whatsoever on the containers (rare in the US). 3. The containers were all from different international shipping and logistics companies. Here is the list I was able to observe and document the previous day, and what appeared to be almost identical from what could be seen in the dark. XPO Logistics, Hapag-Lloyd, Matson, Hua Group, Maersk, OCCL, CSX, EMP, Triton, Pacer Stackirain, UMAX, MOL, Kline, Yang Ming, Mediterranean Shipping Co, MSC, UASC, CAI. These two videos are from Location 2. One the day prior, one the eve of the 20th.
  3. As this train at location 2 was at a dead stop, and I could see a ton of activity on the tracks, I drove around to location 3 looking to find out what was in front of the train at location 2. What I saw there were two more trains of very similar makeup as the number 2 location train. Same companies, same double stacks. The one unique thing I spotted was that they were using engines that I don’t think have been used in I don’t know how long. One was emitting so much black smoke from the top you could see it even in the dark of that area of the tracks. Both trains witnessed there were moving slowly, indicating that they were slowed by what I assume to be an almost identical situation at the huge yard to the East you can see from the map included. This vid isn’t great but it gives you the idea:
  4. I wanted to get close to the large yard to the East, but it is more difficult to get close to this one. From the limited vantage point I found, I saw more of the same. Another train with oil, and at least 3 more trains with cargo containers double stacked.
  5. I circled around to head towards the Front Street tracks, hearing a ton of noise coming from that area as well. What I witnessed was a train of livestock containers that I cannot imagine have been used since the 60s? They look like museum pieces with the old Kansas City Southern writing on them. (I’ll post an image thread on twitter too, trying to get a report out and the info is more important than pictures at this juncture.) This train was not moving. I cannot tell if it is in use, or if they moved it to block the road for safety with all of this movement on the lines happening at the same time. Video for this
  6. As I was headed home, I crossed the path of my first location. Noticed the oil train that had been there had moved forward, behind it was another train with the double stacked containers. I took another video not exactly at this point but crossing over a bridge towards there. It’s the location 2 from above, saw ANOTHER train moving through.
  7. At the light at Independence Avenue, I witnessed a man in military fatigues and an orange vest walking across the street. I have no idea how this fits in yet, but my assumption is that it’s the military along with rail yard workers who are down in the rail yards dealing with this logistical feat of moving this many trains East through Kansas City at the same time.
  8. Kansas City is the center of the country, and so there are a ton of trucking companies and trailer companies which are housed in this general area. I think it is VERY important to note that, while the rail yards were at an unprecedented level of busy, I have never seen so many trucks and their trailers parked and secured in these lots, suggesting a major slowdown in the movement of goods across the country from this location, at the very least.

Conclusion: During the hour I’ve spent writing this report, I’ve heard train whistles blowing non stop, the sound which took me on this investigation in the first place. All of this happening under the cover of night, this unprecedented movement in the KC rail yards, and given what has been revealed about the lack of truth telling with the US public, it is my firm conclusion that we are about to enter a total military controlled lock down of the Nation. What that will look like, I have no idea.

All of the trains of military equipment moving towards the capital suggests a plan of blocking off the capital in a centralization of our military equipment, and our standing armies while the National Guard is deployed to deal with monitoring each State. Please know that I say none of this flippantly. When we first saw the trains of armored vehicles two months ago, it didn’t make sense to require so many in one location. Now it does. We need to prepare ourselves. I would assume this lock down will start at some point near our “reopen” date of May 3rd as quoted by the White House as a goal. This part with regards to timing is not as clear, and should not be used as a guideline. It’s just a well-educated guess based on instinct and patterns of the lies from the White House.

Feel free to contact me on Twitter to discuss. Feel free to share, to screenshot or post this site. PLEASE DO so that we have as many backups of this information as possible should this extremely basic blog site be taken down. Take care of yourselves and your loved ones. Remember that our military and our National Guard are US Citizens and do not blame them for this. To any military members reading this, I am not advising you in any way. I do, however, want to tell you that there is no chance in the world we would judge any of you should you refuse to follow orders which would endanger the lives of US Citizens, and that they cannot arrest you all. We stand with the example of Captain Crozier who received a hero’s welcome upon his disgusting removal of post by the Trump Administration for protecting the lives of those under his command.

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